Divorce creates accelerated uncertainty and change, forcing life-altering decisions in short order:   whether to move out of a family home, how to maintain stability for children, navigating new financial realities.  

For over twenty years, I have assisted clients through this process, both in the traditional litigated manner and by acting as a neutral mediator.  My office will assist you in the initial decision of whether to strive towards family reunification or to acknowledge the eventuality of divorce.  We can determine whether your interests are best served in a mediated (or collaborative) setting, if you are better served by your own advocate, or if you might need a little of both.   My ultimate goal is to preserve the good things that have come from your marriage, while working with you to orchestrate the next stage of your life.

We initiate your divorce, establish financial support as necessary, and help in every way along the path towards separation or divorce.  Some days we cheer on a couple that reunites.  In the end we want you to be happy, and we want you to preserve your dignity in what is often an ugly endeavor.   If a prenuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement will help keep the peace, that is within our expertise.  Should your children (or finances) require specialized attention, we can guide you to mental health professionals and forensic accountants.   Rather than engage your energy and funds in the "process" of litigation, we strive to focus on the end result and get you there as quickly and fairly as possible.

We look forward to working with your family should the need arise. 



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